VISION MADAGASCAR (ViMa) was founded in 2000 by Mr Zouzar BOUKA. With some of Madagascar’s most iconic structures to its credit, including the 2007 South African Embassy and the 2010 Antananarivo City Hall, ViMa’s latest venture is the 79‐acre Majunga Free Trade Hub with 650,000 sq feet undercover: “a one‐stop logistics hub for our resources sector on the west coast.” Ventures including ViMaOil & Gas (VOG), ViMa Mining and ViMa Woods (operating to FSC standards) position it as a major contributor to the development of a country in which private enterprise contributes fully to improving Malagasy quality of life. ViMa ‘s association with brands like sporting promoter ASO, Regus business centres, Imax, the World Trade Center and Symbion Power are making it a truly global player.
VOG, its latest venture, ambitions to bring the best services and products available to the Mining, Oil and Gas industries in Madagascar. VOG has already invested in logistics platforms for this new industry and has entered strategic partnership with companies such as Al Mansoori, Hart International and Tiger offshore rental…
We will be happy to present you our spectrum of activities during your visit at the international forum on Madagascar Mining & Petroleum next september 23-25 in Antananarivo.