Attend – 1st International Forum on Madagascar Mining & Petroleum

Understand the Ministry’s plans to develop the nation’s extractive industries

The Minister will open the forum with an address on the country development plan preparing Madagascar for International investment and updates on the nation’s petroleum and mining codes. Prepare your strategy to enter Africa’s final frontier by understanding how to do business in Madagascar, and take this opportunity to establish connections with the nation’s Ministry

Map Madagascar’s vast potential

Appraise Madagascar’s rich geology, and find out if you can partner with existing companies in Madagascar to exploit it.

Overcome the challenges to successful E&P in Madagascar

Review the latest technologies to commercialise heavy oil, operate in difficult terrain and work within Madagascar’s stringent environmental guidelines in our exhibition showcasing the latest solutions for mining and oil projects

Understand Madagascar’s ratified petroleum codes       

The Ministry near the Presidency in charge of mining and petroleum is currently revising the nation’s petroleum codes to make extraction in Madagascar more attractive to international operators.

Take the necessary steps to start production in Madagascar

Robert Estill, CEO of Madagascar Oil, the first company to start production drilling in the nation, will analyse the commercial development of the first field of magnitude of Madagascar.

Maximise commercial return on heavy crudes

Assess all the latest technologies for extracting, recovering, producing, and selling heavy oil in our on-floor technical seminars. Use these seminars to educate your local workforce and within often changing economic guidelines.